Sunday, 11 September 2016

Phobia Folio #FridayReflections

- 6 6 6 -

Watch out! This is the horrific number of the Beast! Anti-Christ, they call it; hugely carnal and sinful.  The source of this number and all evil in the world is Satan himself! Let this number not make you victim to the beast! Beware!

This beast of a number (or the number of the beast like they call it) is one that brought shivers down the spine of plenty. They fear of misfortune when the triple-six appears in their bill, or their ID number, or anywhere at all in their daily life. Are you one among them? If you are, then you are suffering from an illness I can't even pronounce - Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. (Honestly, I didn't even try to read the whole word ). That n-lettered word I copy-pasted up there refers to the fear of the number 666. 

Are you afraid of something? If you are, I bet there is a name for it. Like my best friend is alektorophobic (she's scared of chickens), and my classmate is both dromophobic and ailurophobic...that is; she's afraid of crossing roads, and afraid of cats. Yeah, cats. 

Plenty of students all over the world suffer from didaskeleinophobia (I can pronounce this one!). That is the fear of going to school. I know, it would've been much easier if the maker of phobia-names used simpler words, like school-o-phobia.

We've all been autophobic at least once in our lives. Fear of being isolated. And lately, I've been afraid of going bald, considering my alarming rate of hair loss. Thus I've become prone to phalacrophobia. And then, there is  Nomophobia - the fear of no mobile phones or not having service. Anyone in this digital age would have that. Especially the teens who have a mini heart attack when they don't find their phone in their pockets. 

Speaking of phones, one of my friends updated his status on being ablutophobic. Apparently, he's afraid of taking a bath. I assume my sister has the same, considering how she baths only on continual insistence from mom. Well, no questions on my bathing schedule here!

Have you been very lazy lately? And you've run out of excuses to escape work? Here's something of help- tell them you're ergophobic. It is the fear of doing work; comes with the stress of overloaded tasks and deadlines that cannot be met with. It can be quite painful (if you really have it). 
And then of course, there's alychiphobia - the fear of failure. I'm a victim to that, and it comes with the lack of self confidence. I can guarantee that many of the students at the verge of ending school have the same. 

 Often, taking decisions can be really tough. Yes, I'm afraid of them. I'm decidophobic. Sounds apt doesn't it?. I actually thought I found a fear without a name- the fear of doing nothing. It may sound silly but it isn't! I've been having this fear all day, since it's been the third holiday in a row that I'm wasting away doing nothing despite looking for something to do. But it seems like it goes along with the 'fear of passing time' which is called chronophobia...which is probably why I'm afraid of doing nothing. So that means I'm polyphobic, it's meaning as intended in the name.

Papyrophobia might surprise you. There are actually people who suffer from fear of papers. Folded papers, crumbled papers, wet papers, torn papers, smooth papers...each symbolizing a different disturbing thought in their minds. It isn't funny either! Imagine your life being afraid of papers. Hell on earth or what?

So...what's the name of your phobia? Don't worry if you don't know yet. Because that means you're probably scared of what phobia you might have. And yes, that has a name too. Face it. You're phobophobic!


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