About the Wow Blog

Welcome Aboard Wanderer!

It so happened that a little girl's mind had the habit of wandering much too often. She started to scribble down her thoughts each time her mind took her on a wonderful new journey. Then one fine day as she sat down to read all that her train of thought had taken her into, she went wow.

And so she decided to treasure her thoughts in a special home of her own. Thus was born the 'Wandering Wows'.

What happened next is another amazing story...all narrated in my post titled 'I Too Have a Blog Story'.

So what does this blog house?
Mostly, narrations of experiences, musings of the mind, a bit of facts and plenty of imagination. You could browse through

Psst...if at all out of good luck you find something interesting and want to read more, do subscribe to Wandering Wows (the little box in the top right side bar)...and my scribbles will land in your inbox as soon as I post them!

Fingers crossed with hopes to see you around!
Keep wandering!

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