Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Infant - 1 of #Seven Ages

"And one man in his time plays many parts,  
His acts being seven ages."
Greetings dear wanderer, we're about to embark on the journey of life through seven ages. The world has come to know of it through Shakespeare, and here we shall travel along with his words. So here goes the beginning...the very first stage.
"At first the infant, 
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms."

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There in the crib surrounded by a crowd lay the sweet little baby. He stirred with the slightest effort, the tiny limbs digging gently into the soft cushions. With eyes so wide, one could tell he was trying hard to make out what he saw around him. A chorus of 'awww' followed as he looked on with the greatest wonder in his eyes.

They were bobbing their heads with widened eyes. How funny they looked! These people were making noises with their mouths, and he wondered how they did that. He tried to do it too, moving his mouth every other way. But the best he could splutter out was a mild 'ggah!'. He felt considerably proud of his feat though, and looked up at them expectantly. But sadly, nobody had noticed.

He now found a small round thing next to him and began inspecting it with utmost keenness.
"Ooh you've got a lovely ball haven't you?!" exclaimed one of them from up there. He looked up at them, trying to decipher what he had just heard, and maybe imitate it too.

'Ggah!' he managed to say again. This time when he looked up, there was his mama beaming down at him. "Mama!" she exclaimed, "Can you say that? Maa-maa!"
He noticed her lips sealing and then parting again. Gathering what little energy he had, he pressed his tiny lips and tore them apart with a small effort, and out came the sound "mmah!"

Delighted, his mama scooped him up and planted a kiss on his face. He beamed with joy. Mama was happy. He too was happy. But all the effort had left him exhausted. His eyelids grew heavy and slowly slid down as his consciousness plunged into a far off dreamland.

Joy and wonder was all he knew 
And then the cries and wails a few 
His age the first, six more to go 
Innocence a whole, his life was so!

This post is the first of a seven part series on the Seven Ages of Man (from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It')

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