Friday, 29 July 2016

What I cherish #CBF16

Dear diary,

Remember when we first met in 2010? Onam in school? The war of flowers?The white uniform smeared with petals?  The mess in the classroom followed by the principal's chiding? And our mission to clean up the mess... emptying our water bottles to the floor while scrubbing it with the day's leftover newspapers!

 That was my first entry to you, MD, and soon I was obsessed with you! I hadn't known then that life would get so interesting. I was all of twelve years old, hesitant at first to tell you things in fear of being read. But soon enough I was pouring my heart out to you. Oh yes, you knew everything, and still do.

Everything, MD. The excitement of getting my first 'real' friend request in Orkut (other than my family)...the times I sneaked to go online and chat with that someone...the first proposal...the secrets...the rumours...everything!

You know about the spats I had with that stubborn round eyed girl who ended up being my best friend, you know about that popular gal gang I hugely admired which I ended up being a part of, and you know about that secret group we made that broke up and patched up time and again. You helped me appreciate my life which I would surely have missed otherwise. You listened to my woes, my silliest thoughts and my naive questions. And dear, you grew with me.

Each day mom saw me rush over to talk to you, curious as a mom would be. "What do you write so much about?" she asked me once, "Do you have a boyfriend or something?" and I had a look of utter surprise as I responded with a "Whaaaaat?! No way!" while she just left the room with a chuckle. Remember that, MD? Mom had gotten me thinking, and of course you know what happened later.

You know all my embarrassing moments, my frustration and fear, my dreams and fantasies, my every single thought. Sometimes when I was away from you, I missed you so much that I wrote in chits of papers and stuck them in your pages later on. So by the end of the year, you would've gained more weight just like me. A best friend indeed!

I know school didn't let me meet you much in the past year. You became like those friends ebbing away from my busy life, something of the past that I occasionally recalled fondly. But it didn't take long for me to realize that I needed you yet again. Because nobody else could understand the inner turmoil in me like you could.

But MD, I promise you that you will always be close to my heart. Even if the sun stopped rising or the birds stopped flying ( I don't care if that sounds cheesy), you would remain my most cherished. After all, you are but my past, my present and all that could be. MD. My Dear. My Diary.

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