Monday, 11 July 2016

The School Boy - 2 of #Seven Ages

"Then, the whining school boy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like a snail 
Unwilling to school."
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It was six in the morning, and as usual his ears failed to register the sound of the alarm. His senses in the morning only responded to his mother's hollering from the kitchen.

"Five...more...minutes" he mumbled, not conscious enough to know that no one would hear him. And then, just as his mother appeared to beat the sleep out of him, his eyes popped open and he sprang out of his blankets like magic.

Furiously brushing his teeth, he silently wished yet again that there be an unexpected holiday in school. He promised to god that he'll definitely complete Miss Jane's homework then, for he was only in want of time. It's just that he simply couldn't have missed  that Pokemon episode. He'd meant to do the work later on but had fallen asleep. That wasn't his fault now was it?

Another bellowing from the kitchen broke his train of thought as he rushed back into his room to don his school uniform. He had five minutes to pack his bag, find a pair of matching socks, polish his shoes and have his food before the school bus arrived. It always seemed impossible to him, but every time his momma came to the rescue and got all things done for him in a jiffy, sadly never leaving him an opportunity to miss his school bus.

As he stood all groomed up at the door waiting for the bus, he still had the tiniest ray of hope for the bus to break down midway and not show up. Unfortunately, he never did have that good luck. He watched with a sigh as the bus honked its way through to him, all perfect and working. But his spirits returned to him once he noticed his friends beaming at him through the windows.

Who cared about Miss Jane or her homework after all?! He had his friends to meet in school, and plenty of fun to have. Surely, he couldn't miss that for anything!

His world revolved from home to school 
He liked no row nor rule 
The second age, his life was through 
He now had five more too!


This post is the second of a seven part series on the Seven Ages of Man (from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It')

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