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The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage - A Review

The cheeseburst arranged marriage - cover

Growing up, I always told myself that I wouldn't agree for an arranged marriage. The thought of spending your life with a complete stranger was simply revolting. But times have changed and today's manner of arranged marriage has become more acceptable to me now. Matrimonial sites are nothing but a family-approved-tinder, after all. So when I stumbled upon The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage in the Blogchatter E-Book library, I was drawn to it. 

This book is the story of 24-year-old Ira falling in love with the man she was arranged to marry. Right from the beginning when she nods her way nonchalantly into this life-long commitment, she doesn't realize what she's signing up for. 

It all begins with a hurried journey back home during Diwali. Ira had planned for a relaxing 3-day vacation at home. But what she hadn't planned for was to accept a marriage proposal and get engaged by the end of it. Following a flurry of three days, she returns to work with sweets and the announcement of her engagement. And then it sunk in. It was official. She had a fiance. What now?

Ira narrates how she lets this stranger into her life who is supposed to be the most important person to her. It is no different from any blooming love story as the two of them take steady steps ahead in their relationship. Much as her fiance, Manav, seems confident and at ease with the whole situation, Ira struggles to find her space of comfort. Her mind battles between the rights and wrongs in this odd position, where you begin to date the person you've already agreed to marry. It is that awkward phase of in-between where you know the result but go through the steps anyway.

But when was it okay to open up or let the guard down? What was the right time to make the first move? How long before they close the space between them? While these questions make their rounds in the couple's thoughts, their romance makes progress thanks to Manav's cheesy lines. Mr.Cheeseburst, as she christened him on their first meeting, made sure that Ira was showered with all the love she deserved. 

Pretty much in a filmy style, the story continues till the day of their wedding. The day when it is finalized and the happily-ever-after begins. To me, reading this story was like listening to an excited friend narrate their fond memories. I found myself reacting with oohs, aahs, and chuckles much like I would in a carefree conversation. The language is simple and pleasant while the narration has a good flow. I’d say this is perfect for a quick and fun read.  

So here’s a cute love story for you, of a couple posed with the challenge of discovering one another before starting their lives together. 

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