Wednesday, 10 June 2020

My Favourite Feelings

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Have you ever wanted to get on a random train and go wherever it takes you? 

Sitting inside the car at the parking lot, I was playing with an idea in my head. Mom was going to take a while, and it wasn't everyday that I got the car for myself back then. Oh what the hell, this may be my only chance. So thinking, I pulled the car out of the parking space and drove away from the building. Out in the road, I took every turning that seemed to have lesser traffic, no destination in mind. With the music in high volume, I was singing with joy, speeding my way ahead. Over a bridge I rode, then another, and yet another one, all along with this new sense of power for being the one in control. This was what freedom felt like. This was pure bliss. Until a khaki-sleeved hand blocked the way a few metres before me...

I was tagged recently by Shweta to write a post on my ten favourite feelings. So here we are, beginning with that feeling of freedom I get every time I'm out driving on my own. I discovered the love for it that day when I drove away instead of waiting for my mom at the parking lot. The plan to get back on time didn't work, sadly. Not to mention that I ended up getting a speeding ticket too. But that first free drive was amazing, and it will remain so. 

I've always wanted to be good at some sport. The closest I could get were my past karate tournaments. There's this incredible feeling you get when you taste victory. That time where you're in the fighting ring and you only need one more point to win. Your opponent is calculating the next move. You're focusing on defence, waiting for them to strike. And they do, and in a split second you counter strike and bring them down. The whistle blows and the referee pulls up your arm as you pant in complete exhaustion. Never mind that the bar in this match wasn't too high, it was a victory all the same. And it felt great.

It is probably the same with any accomplishment. To wait nervously in your formals outside the interview room as they call out the names of the selected candidates. There's the moment when they call your very name and you feel the relief and happiness wash over you. And whether or not you make the cut, there's the warmth of a hug from a loved one that makes you feel better nevertheless.

There are the genuine compliments that give you the validation you crave for, especially precious if they come from someone you look up to. And the times when someone approaches you in need, because it feels good to be needed. It gives you this feeling of purpose, an assurance that you are of use to someone out there.

And then there're the times when you get to happy dance. That peculiar joy in loosening up and dancing to your heart's content, of your own free will, and away from the judgements for not knowing good moves. And of course, that feeling of peace when you breathe in the petrichor during the rains. Maybe even get drenched in the showers if your health allows it.

And soon after, snuggle under the blanket and fall asleep reading a book or watching a nice movie. The bed and pillows have a way of being extra comfy when the weather is just right. If not all of these feelings, there's the all-time favourite of writing, the bliss of putting thoughts into words, to embellish the mundane.

There we have it, my ten favourite feelings that I could think of. Do you find yours among mine?

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