Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage - A Review

The cheeseburst arranged marriage - cover

Growing up, I always told myself that I wouldn't agree for an arranged marriage. The thought of spending your life with a complete stranger was simply revolting. But times have changed and today's manner of arranged marriage has become more acceptable to me now. Matrimonial sites are nothing but a family-approved-tinder, after all. So when I stumbled upon The Cheeseburst Arranged Marriage in the Blogchatter E-Book library, I was drawn to it. 

This book is the story of 24-year-old Ira falling in love with the man she was arranged to marry. Right from the beginning when she nods her way nonchalantly into this life-long commitment, she doesn't realize what she's signing up for. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

My Favourite Feelings

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Have you ever wanted to get on a random train and go wherever it takes you? 

Sitting inside the car at the parking lot, I was playing with an idea in my head. Mom was going to take a while, and it wasn't everyday that I got the car for myself back then. Oh what the hell, this may be my only chance. So thinking, I pulled the car out of the parking space and drove away from the building. Out in the road, I took every turning that seemed to have lesser traffic, no destination in mind. With the music in high volume, I was singing with joy, speeding my way ahead. Over a bridge I rode, then another, and yet another one, all along with this new sense of power for being the one in control. This was what freedom felt like. This was pure bliss. Until a khaki-sleeved hand blocked the way a few metres before me...

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Heroes of Kindness - A Review

It's been a while since a virus has brought humankind to its knees. Our thoughts have evolved from concern and bewilderment to despair. And yet we've tried to look at the bright side and revel in nature's recovery. As for me, I revelled in finding uplifting news on acts of humanity during these dire times. But the golden time was short-lived. The dark side of humans found its way back to the news pretty soon. And I found myself drowning in despair. 

But here's someone set out to tell anyone who would listen that the world is not a bad place. How could it be, when he holds the proof to the immense kindness we humans are capable of? True, there may be enough of negativity out there to leave us with little hope, but there is also much positivity that goes unnoticed. 

In his very own words, "Why hold onto burning coal when you have diamonds around you?"