Blogging Series

April A to Z Challenge 2020 

Theme Reveal - An Ode to Myself

B for Books

C for Connections 

D for Decisions

E for Extempore

F for Failure

G for Gymming

H for Hurt

I for Individuality

J for Judgements

K for Knowledge

L for Left-Out

M for Mediocrity

N for Needful

P for Paunch

Q for Quitting

T for True-Self

U for Usefulness

V for Vexation

W for Writing

X for The Unknown

Y for YOLO

Z for Zone


Seven Ages of Man

1 - The Infant

2 - The School Boy

3 - The Lover 

4- The Soldier

5 - The Justice

6 - The Pantaloon

7 - The Second Childhood


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