Friday, 24 April 2020

U for Usefulness #AtoZChallenge

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Standing before you are two magnificent figures. The abyss of despair and the mountain of hope. We're playing the game of fate. You and your loved one are the players. Your role has the liberty of deciding how involved you can be in the game, for the fate is that of your loved one. Each time fate decides to deal against him, the abyss moves closer to where he stands. All you need to do is to guide him towards the mountain. Simple.

So the game begins, and fate isn't being very friendly. One blow after another, it chooses to go against his favour. You see the abyss approach but the mountain stands tall and powerful next to him. You aren't worried. You know that he sees it just as clearly as you do. But fate doesn't stop dealing, and the abyss gets closer and closer still. He soon gets distracted and looks away from hope. You remind him of the mountain time and again, you try to show it to him. But he doesn't seem to believe you anymore. His mind is fixed on the abyss and it chooses to see nothing else. You see it happening before your eyes, despair closing in on him.

An Ode to the Self by Darshana Suresh


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This is a part of the April A to Z challenge under the theme of 'My Inhibitions' or 'An Ode to Myself'. Read the other posts here.

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