Thursday, 9 April 2020

H for Hurt #AtoZChallenge

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You know what the scariest thing about love is? The vulnerability of it. How you voluntarily expose yourself to another person, giving them all the strength to empower you, but also destroy you. It is scary to open up and give yourself away. You may choose not to, but there may come a time when opening up becomes a necessity to keep your sanity. Opening up at such a point gives you this blissful relief you didn't know you could be entitled to. Opening up makes you realize how much you needed the support that you're receiving now. Opening up makes you realize that however big a risk it might seem to lay bare before another, the result can turn out to be one of the most precious things you could possibly possess. The thing called love.

We've all been subject to hurt at some point in our lives. Some of them being trivial, others excruciating. As I grew up and began to encounter hurt, I noticed a pattern. It was of how the hurt came from the ones that mattered to us the most. We could learn to make ourselves immune to the hurt from people that did not matter. But for the near and dear ones, it was like we give them the license to hurt us. For, from them, we have certain expectations. We expect reciprocation. We expect trust. And when the expectations fail to meet, they rot into hurt. And we allow it to happen.

An Ode to the Self by Darshana Suresh


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