Saturday, 4 April 2020

D for Decisions #AtoZChallenge


We carry it with us from the moment our brains develop to think on their own. The burden of taking decisions. As for me, I've conveniently passed on the burden to another since a little child. Of course, one wouldn't always call it a burden. But a task it was. From the flavour of my ice-cream to the channel to watch on TV, I'd always followed my elder sister's lead. It took quite some time for me to realize that I liked tea over coffee, unlike her. It took even more time for me to choose dresses of my own liking.

Insignificant as these things may seem, they'd become the building blocks to my inhibition of taking the wrong decisions. So accustomed was I in letting the others decide for me, letting even the society do it, that I never questioned whether it suited my interests. How could I, when I didn't even know my interests?

An Ode to the Self by Darshana Suresh


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This is a part of the April A to Z challenge under the theme of 'My Inhibitions' or 'An Ode to Myself'. Read the other posts here.

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