Monday, 20 April 2020

Q for Quitter #AtoZChallenge

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Every inch of my suit dripped with sweat. Strands of wet hair stuck to my flushed face. I could almost hear my racing heartbeat, hot blood pumping through the veins. My heels didn't touch the ground, the feet prepared to pounce at any moment. Be it to attack or to quickly retreat in defence, I had to be ready for anything. My arms were in position before me, fists clenched and eyes fixed on the opponent's. Waiting.

The sensei was on the other end of the hall. And yet, his voice could be heard all the way across the room.
"This time." he bellowed, "I want you all to be faster than you have ever been. Am I clear?"
"OSS!" we screamed in unison.

An Ode to the Self by Darshana Suresh


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This is a part of the April A to Z challenge under the theme of 'My Inhibitions' or 'An Ode to Myself'. Read the other posts here.

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