Wednesday, 9 December 2015

One Day

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 One Day

One day I shall smile
 Not my visage, but my heart.
One day the veil shall fall,
 Adieu to my mayday calls.
One day I shall leave
 To the land of what I feel.
One day I shall cry
 With no reason to a why.
One day, I shall dance 
 With not a pang of guilt.
One day, I shall write,
 Of a legend that I built.
One day I shall dream;
 Let my vicinity vanish.
One day I shall move on;
 My own shoes, I shall don.
One day I shall heed,
 Myself and not any else.
One day I shall decide,
 Not you or him, but I.
Yes, for once I'll fend
 But nor will I now sigh.
That day my wings shall sprout,
 Then yonder, I shall fly.
That day I shall know
 The 'me' and all the 'rest'.
That day I shall be free.
That day
 I shall BE.

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