Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I Too Have A Blog Story

Beside a nicely furnished wall embellished with widgets of varying kinds sat a young girl who was considerably proud of it. She would be of course, since it was her own creation. The dash of yellow and brown all over wasn't exactly her plan, but it somehow ended up that way and she liked it too. One would think she had a special taste for shades of brown, but she loved violet and purple more. Unfortunately, those colours did not go quite well with the design.

In this self-crafted wall of hers, she had begun exploring herself, letting her mind wander to discover wonders she couldn't have fathomed otherwise. And each time she reached such a trance, the only word that escaped her lips was.... wow!

And so up above on her wall, was its crown yielding the words, 'Wandering Wows'. People usually called it her 'blog', but she preferred to call it her home. Over the months, she watched strangers come and peek in. Some days nobody came. At other days dozens showed up. A very tiny fraction of them were so kind as to tell her how much they liked her 'home', and she couldn't have been happier. But then it was so rare that it almost seemed unreal. She didn't know what was wrong...

Until one fine day, she was directed from the central library of Google to a city called IndiBlogger. In no time she was furnished an identity card for her IndiBlogger citizenship. Feeling immensely elated and slightly proud, she stepped foot in this so called blogger city, and was she spellbound! For before her were hundreds of thousands of walls like hers, only much bigger, and much much prettier!

 Excited as she was, she rushed over to the first wall before her. But she came out soon enough disappointed, for that wall told her things she did not care to know. So she tried the next one, and the next, and the next. But none simply matched her genre or likes. She knew she had to visit other people's walls. Google had told her to, else she wouldn't grow. And she wanted to grow. But soon enough she'd figured out exactly what to do.

Standing at one end of a long row of walls, shoe laces and hair taut, she was ready. In one swift jog across the street, her plan was to call out to every blogger on the way that she loved their blog and ask them to please visit hers. She would then fling her card with her address at each stop, hoping they'd pay a visit. Them bloggers shall be happy for the compliment, and she wouldn't have to read any of the walls she did not like.

And so the next day she sat beside her home again and waited. Maybe a couple more people did stop by that day, but she couldn't tell. Perhaps the people out there weren't kind enough to visit? But she wasn't one to give up, and so once again she jogged her way across a different street.

She ran an extra mile this time, and stumbled upon a wall she felt unusually attracted to. It wasn't a part of the plan, but she paused her jog and sat down. She read through the whole wall, and for the first time wasn't bored. It was her first, it was special, and surprisingly she wanted more. Along the side bar was a door to the 'Archives', and that was where she spent the rest of the day.

The next day she returned to the same wall and read some more, forgetting for a while about wanting to lure people to her own space. She'd noticed the hundreds that came to this wall everyday, some of whom constantly exchanged brilliant ideas. But she was too shy to speak. She followed the familiar faces to their own walls instead, and found herself engrossed in them too.

With time, as she explored new cities and streets, she marveled at the immensity of what they called the 'Blogosphere'. All this time she hadn't known the multitude of what she was now a part of. All that she knew was that nobody even knew she existed.

Whilst she remained a nobody, she learned. She learnt that the continent of Social Networks had a flourishing trade with the Blogoshpere, and so she began her own business from the centres in Twitter and Facebook. She learnt that the Blogosphere had intriguing activities at different places, so she made her presence in them hoping to make some friends. She learnt that she was still a novice awed by the amazing bloggers out there constantly proving their talents, and she vowed to try her best to be like them one day.

And as she learned, she had her wow moments now and then. Like when the visitor count shot up from ten to a hundred. Like when some veteran bloggers she hugely admired dropped by. Like when some people began exchanging ideas with her too. And like when some remembered her enough to return for more. She'd realized that she had evolved from a 'nobody' to a 'somebody'. It wasn't very great she knew, but at least it was a start.

 At present, this 'somebody' girl with a wandering mind had the courage to carry on. She knew that no matter what happened in her 'real' world, she would always have this home in the Blogosphere to return to.

Because by now, a part of her soul was within Wandering Wows, perhaps her first horcrux. And with that she could wander along with the whispers of her vagabond mind, until the very end.


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