Friday, 12 August 2016


# Sisterhood

The fifth time over,
I'm oblivious however;
The phone alarm screams,
And she alone heeds.

"Why, jinglee, why?!"
My sister would cry
From the bed next to me,
All awake now, you see.

When the sun's overhead
We crawl out the bed,
Time for 'brunch', being noon
Less work for mum, that's a boon. :P

Now the day's plans begin;
Subway food to sneak in,
Make the chocolate kesari;
Taste of our fine cookery!
The pappathis!* chapputhapam!**
Her own recipes so yum!

But our momma pipes in;
Chores in plenty to bring. :(
So we settle with our jobs,
Watching FRIENDS with laughs 'n' sobs.

All too soon, the sun's down.
Now the talk's of pretty gowns-
The dream wedding in our ways...
All the good, wishful days!

Surprise cards, painting cookers,
Drawing games, eating snickers...
Paper penstands, brownie cakes,
All we make for our own sakes!

And past supper, back in bed,
Our pillows now no more dead;
With harmless pokes and nudges...
Simple spats without grudges.

And so ends the day,
Peacefully, I say
Until the alarm goes
The time the sun shows.

Then we're back to square one,
When her sleep isn't done.
Again, "Why jingles, why?!"
My dear sister would sigh.


*Pappathis - You know how chappathis turn out to be crispy like pappadams? Yep, that's called a pappathi. (Sadly she's learnt to make proper chappathis by now)
**Chapputhapams - This is a combination of chappathi and uthapam (dosa with toppings of onion, tomato etc.)
*** 'Jinglee' would be my name according to my sister.

P.S - This comes with the small guilt of not getting my sister anything for her birthday this time...especially since she's going abroad for five whole years soon (that's a lot of time no?). But then, you know how when someone is close to you, getting them anything at all will feel like it simply isn't enough? So uhmm...consider it that way ( and I forgive you too chechy in the case of my birthday :P )

On #WritingWednesday's prompt, I would love to write a memoir based on her. ;)

Last year's post on what it's like To Have A Sister still tops my most visited list.  It is indeed a blessing to have her. I was thinking of maybe writing something like a sequel for that...but then decided against it. Because you know, some things simply cannot be described in words, and some things are better left unsaid.

Nevertheless, this is a dedication to her. Lots of love to you chechy! Our chapputhapams will have to wait. 😁

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