Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I am Grateful :)

I lay beside the window watching the night sky. The lights are out and my roommates have slept. The sky is cloudy, leaving not a single star in sight. But my mind isn't on the sky, it's still reminiscing in the day's events. There is a smile planted on my face. To that, I am grateful.

Every morning I wake up after five snooze buttons and a final nudge from the only early bird in our room. To her, I'm grateful... for I needn't worry about missing the first class on having overslept. Walking down to the mess for breakfast I'm reminded of the oh-so-yum food waiting to be devoured. To those lovely cooks I'm grateful. Although I wish I stopped getting fatter.

As we walk together to class in idle chat and laughter it feels good. To my companions, I'm grateful... for their presence make a world of difference. When the class begins, the late night's sleep from the previous day takes it's toll. Head down with droopy eyes, there's a jerk from my partner each time the teacher's eyes chance upon me.  To that sweet partner, I'm grateful.

After a tiring day, overloaded work and devoid of fun, we settle down moodily for tea despite the heavy schedule. We whine and frown, or sit silently too. But for that sweet period of relaxation, I'm grateful. When we set back to work, all rejuvenated now, there comes a call from home. All work is put to a halt then. It doesn't matter if it lasts for twenty minutes or two, for that soothing phone call for mere everyday news, I'm grateful.

Once I manage to finish the following day's work, it's almost midnight. I hop onto my bed with my phone. Of all the restrictions there could've been when in a hostel, I'm grateful there are none to use my smartphone. And more than grateful for having mobile data too (never mind the difficulties of having no WiFi in campus).

It's past midnight, and here I lay recollecting the good times of the day. There is a smile on my face. All because I decided to write this gratitude post.
So for this, I'm grateful.

What about you? What are you grateful for today? ☺

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