Monday, 10 October 2016

First Year Troubles #MondayMusings

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So we're just back from classes and chilling in our hostel rooms, swiping through whatsapp messages when we suddenly hear rushing footsteps in the corridor. The next moment, our door bangs open to reveal a panting girl ready to explode. I could've sworn she was going to say "Troll in the dungeons!", but then all she said was - "They're coming!" That was enough though.

"Not again!" screamed my roommates as the messenger girl ran off to alert the others. In a fraction of a second, we're reminded of that graphics assignment to be submitted the following day, the tutorial sheets left undone, and the hell lot of things left to study for the exams due in three days. No, we couldn't afford to waste a whole evening on some kind of inauguration ceremony in the campus. They'd come in a few minutes to take us away. We had to act now.

There was a flurry of movement already as the corridor saw girls rushing either to hide in the bathrooms or to other places I wouldn't dare reveal. On the other hand, we had our books open with locked doors, hoping they'd have some mercy on us poor kids burdened with overloaded work. Oh well, who were we kidding?! That was probably the dumbest effort to escape. Nevertheless we had our fingers crossed.

And soon enough they came banging on our doors with orders to line up downstairs. Obviously, we got no sympathy. Having no choice, we joined the sea of gloomy faces gathered near the gate. Scanning the crowd, I noticed the missing ones who'd somehow gotten away from their clutches, and thought how lucky they were.

After half an hour of calling lists and signing papers, off we went in 'perfect twos' and holding hands, as instructed by our seniors. Yes, them people were our seniors.  And all we could think of was how unfair everything was...for we weren't included in college events otherwise till then, and here we were being taken for something unwillingly at the cost of assignments.

There we were like a flock of chickens lead around by their mama, and getting a mouthful from them for mysteriously messing up the two lines despite staying put. They told us that this was about our first college fest. Yes it was huge. But for us it was just another event we may or may not be a part of. If it sounds like we're annoyed, that's because we were. Because c'mon, you can't help it when your friends from other colleges tell you about their grand college parties and hangouts while all you do in your college is go up and down the classes and hostel.

So finally being seated in the hall, the programme had begun. And for the next whole hour, believe it or not, we sat in awe wondering if ever we'll grow up to be like them amazing seniors. A simple introduction to the much awaited fest, and what it meant to them was enough to give us goosebumps. The passion in those eyes, the power in their voices, the vibes, and the magic. Of course we knew we were a part of something huge, but we were only beginning to realize it. I thought then, maybe the ones who stayed back in the hostel weren't so lucky after all.

I guess all we need is a little patience. You know life's boring when the only thing you look forward to is the evening snacks in the mess. Oh well, it's only the beginning. *Sigh*. First year troubles. Now I'm reminded of a meme I came across the other day...
'First year in college is a lot like kindergarten.. you sleep a lot, miss your mom, and have no idea what's going on.'
One couldn't have put it better.

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