Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Being Versatile

What better way for a comeback to the blogosphere than with a blogger award post! A big thanks ( and also a bear hug) to Upasna for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! With more than one and a half month of a no-show in the blogging world, I needed this to remind me that I should get back on track.

And you must know that Life through my Bioscope, where Upasna blogs at, is one wonderful blog that houses writings on most of everything in our daily, relationship, parenting, society, name it! If I could I would've nominated her back for this award.

So to first timers, these are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award  -

The recipient is supposed to

- display the award on their blog
- Thank the person who has nominated them
- Share 7 different facts about themselves
- Nominate 15 blogs of their choice
- Link their nominees and let them know of their nomination

  And now for the seven facts  that I believe to have not written about so far...

*drum rolls*

  -  Pluviophile. Yes I am one. A lover of rain. It has the ability to blend in with whatever mood you are in. Melancholic? Excited? Tensed? Nostalgic? You either walk in the rain to wash away your worries, or you listen to the gentle trickles soothing your mind, or you dance along with the drops of joy in times of elation. 

  -  Potterhead. I know it's mentioned in all my 'about me' sections, but it's still worth a mention here. (In case any of my classmates are reading this, get me a deathly hallows locket for Christmas maybe?) And yeah, Fantastic Beasts was awesome.

  -  Surprises. Love them. Well yeah, who doesn't? There's nothing more beautiful than spreading smiles, be it for you or from you.

  -  Adventure. Once again, who doesn't love it? I'm always on the lookout for escapades. One can imagine the difficulty of staying put in college being a first year. Ahh, the times when we really miss school!

  -  Overthinking. I suffer from that. Most of the time I only speak a small fraction of my thoughts, and sometimes none at all. This is also why I'm often unable to reach a conclusion on making choices. Decision making? Not my thing.

  -  Intuition. Perhaps the only thing I believe in, other than myself (and yeah, love). I am an agnostic you see, the neutral stance simply makes more sense.

  -  Whining. I can't stand people who whine and complain a lot. They find a fault in every day and demean themselves for the misfortunes. Perspective, people! It matters.  There's almost always reason enough to smile. 


That's a wrap for this post, and here are the fifteen amazing bloggers I'd like to nominate for this award. And just a suggestion, since I feel the 'facts about myself' tag is getting a bit old, I was wondering that maybe we could try 'seven things I realized last week' or 'seven things that made me happy lately' or something? Just a thought.

 And to the lovely bloggers in the list below, to accept the award is your choice, but I'd really appreciate it if it was passed on. And for everyone else, trust me...their blogs are worth a visit! :)

  1. Subha Rajagopal at Myriad Flavours of Life
  2. Shinjini Mehrotra at Modern Gypsy
  3. Dahlia at My Sliver Streaks
  4. Sampada Raje at My Musings
  5. Shailaja Vishwanath at The Moving Quill
  6. Vasantha Vivek at My Sweet Nothings
  7. Vinitha Dileep at Reflections
  8. Tulika Singh at Obsessive Mom
  9. Mithila Menezes at Broken Blue Bubbles
  10. Kala Ravi at Relax-N-Rave
  11. Alana Mautone at Ramblin' with the AM
  12. Mahathi Ramya at Fantastic Feathers
  13. Rajlakshmi at Destiny's Child
  14. Suzy Que at Someday Somewhere
  15. Esha Mookerjee Dutta at Soul Talk

Once again, thanks Upasna. Feels good to write again.

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