Monday, 19 December 2016


Mirror Balls & Confetti:  We are the quiet ones

They sat in the same table like good old friends with so much to catch up on.

She stood in the corner with her cup, watching them.

Two choices lay before her. Awkward fake courtesies, or comfortable solitude.

She was reminded of their last get together. The familiar face in the crowd but no one knew about. The continual efforts to make a good impression. Did she still want to do that?

The hushed battle of thoughts was interrupted by a young gentleman, “Hey, why don't you join us in the table!”

One of those regulars with mere outwardly concern. Or was it pity? She could bet he didn’t even know her name.

A smile and a nod as the man took his leave. To go or not to go?

The last seat in the table got filled, and she secretly sighed in relief. Avoiding further interactions only too gladly, she slipped away from the crowd to the empty balcony.

She’d always felt this was a defect in her. Not anymore though. Thanks to whoever coined the word ‘intovert’.

It was okay. She was just as sane as they were. Them introverts.

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