Monday, 22 May 2017

The Vagabond

Source: Viewspaper

The engine roared to a start. The passengers were shuffling in their seats.

" I heard the roads are bumpy. " mumbled one to the other.

"Aye." came the reply, " Plenty o' curves 'n' heights. Best be prepared eh?" he said,
popping his pill. His neighbor rummaged through his bag for mufflers. The biting wind shouldn't get the better of him now should it?

 Lined in rows of four were cushioned chairs occupied by the travelers. The pouch in every seat had a sick-bag safely stashed, and a lot of them knew they'd need it.

"It's a long journey I s'ppose?" said another.

"Pretty long. I only hope we reach sooner." The rest of the lot nodded in agreement.

All except the one in the rear seat, who couldn't relate to the talk ahead of her. She wouldn't've minded if the journey were to be even longer. To her, it was to be endless anyway. A flight, a cruise, a ride, one after another.

The minibus was now in motion, the engine's smooth vibration gaining momentum. The faint rumble gave melody to the scenery without. One could feel the wind blend in with the soothing music.

She reclined in her seat, at peace.

The vagabond was home.


Hail to all travel lovers!  <3 

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