Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Your Sunshine

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She'd stepped back into her room. There it was, the constant reminder of all the things undone.

The world to her was a buzzing workhouse of intimidating prodigies, wherein she sat watching her confidence slowly ebb away. The seconds on the clock ticked away in mockery of the increasing amount of time she idled by. Obligations and responsibilities came thrashing down her back one after the other, boring a hole right into the ground she so firmly held on to until now, burying herself deep into a pit she believed to never be able to escape from.

She'd had enough. Away with all the dreams she once held on to. Away with all the work people bestowed on her with so much trust. Away with this whirlwind of a life she found no meaning in. She'd had enough.

Sure, she garners some happy times now and then, lost in that moment of forgetfulness and pure bliss. But by the end of the day, poof! That bubble of joy is popped every time she steps back into her room. For there it remains, etched in the walls and the dusty racks, the reminder of all the things undone. That and the constant stench. The stench of a withered flower. The stench of having given up?

She continues to float around in the void, doing zilch. The darkness engulfs every bit of her vision, and yet the ticking doesn't stop. The world is still buzzing nevertheless. The ice cream was melting away, and she was wasting it.

So she gets back up in the hope of finding that ray of sunshine in the pitch darkness. After all, isn't hope what we can always turn to? But she found herself trapped in the hole she'd dug herself into, still in the void. She was merely existing, not living, blinded by the diffidence that refused to let go.

And then it happened. There came a nudge from the foreign land where she no longer was a part of. A knock on the door she hadn't realized she'd shut close. The clouds of melancholia barricading her from what was the reality. All it was, was a mere nudge from a someone who cared enough to come by. A someone patient enough to stand by while she gathered herself. A someone who forced her to get back up and open that door again. Perhaps, this was the sunshine she so desperately needed?

The cloud is cleared just about enough to get a glimpse of the buzzing world. Only this time, it doesn't look the same.  This time, she sees herself in every other soul rushing up and down in the race. She sees every one of them with a downfall, with feelings of dejection, and a craving for love and attention. She wasn't alone. It took this long a reverie for the truth to dawn on her.

And all this time when she lived in the void, the clock ticked away mercilessly. The ice cream was still melting, still wasted. Maybe it was high time that she tasted it instead. This whirlwind of a life was all about perspective and priorities, she'd realized.

It's the end of the day and she's stepped back into her room. It's not so bad, the stench now being replaced by a slight scent of will. The will to leap back into the buzzing crowd.
Escaping reality was never the solution. Facing it was. Maybe all we really need is a nudge to snap out of the gloom.

She'd got her sunshine. For now, that was all she needed to keep going.

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