Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Monster

Source: webolutions.com

Rage has failed me.
Hope has left hold.
No place to run away to,
No person to be told.

You leave us but one choice
To carry fear in our minds.
To fear the daylight and the dark,
The empty streets and the crowds,
Every gaze and every footstep,
Every solitary walk.

For, devils like you
Lurk around in the corners,
Weaving webs of misfortune
In our simple, happy lives;
Our freedom and dignity being
Plunged through with your knives.

What are you, wretched monster?
Come in disguise as human.
Some ill, wicked creature
Left undone in the making;
Devoid of heart and soul,
Mercilessly tearing open
the ones of the innocents.
How else can a human mind
Know no empathy, nor conscience?
How could you have no emotions
And yet have lust running down your veins?

What sorcery has conditioned
Those minds now on your side?
The cold-hearted claims they hold
To have your brutality justified.
Perhaps, our days are numbered too,
Lucky we haven't crossed paths.
After all, what are we to you
But more names in your endless list.

Of all the things we've failed to fathom;
The universe and the matter beyond,
Your mind remains the most baffling
For, you're surely no less than a hound.

If only your mind could see;
Not lust but love and laughter.
If only you found conscience.
If only you were humane.

Until then we'll merely live by,
With the fear of your heart so cold.
For dear monster, rage has failed me.
And hope has long left hold.


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