Tuesday, 4 July 2017

"You are Beautiful"

Source: feminismindia

"You look beautiful."

My brow is raised before the mirror.
Beautiful, did you call this error?
I see an oversized belly way out of norms
I see a brown clingy top showing off my fat arms
I see a flattened tiny face
struggling to fit in facial features.
I see a lump of gathered mess
struggling to achieve finesse.
And before this muddle of disarray
Is a beaming mom come out to say -
"You look beautiful honey."
And I smile. How funny.
A shake of head and a shrug. Moms, you see.

Some other day, we're at a posh party.
I am dressed up and made up all hearty.
I look better than usual I know,
Not as much as them although;
Those tall, slim damsels in gowns
All smiles and blushes, no frowns,
Here comes this lady to me
The attire and demeanour to see,
"Dear, you look beautiful today."
And I smile, not quite sure what to say.

Was it the dress, the make up? The hair cut short?
The pimples unseen? The new earrings I'd bought?
Was I to be happy that these embellishments
had made me more pleasing to look at?
Was I to be proud of having fairer skin?
Was this party now a beauty pageant akin?
A compliment in their eyes,
A mere statement in  mine.
For what I looked like was no accomplishment of mine.
So I smile, not quite knowing what to say.
You claim I look pleasing. Well, okay.

One day I am before the computer screen
Flinging off to bin the spam mails unseen.
And there I see it - a gem amidst the sand -
An appraisal of something from my own hand.
"Your writing is beautiful." you said.
And I smile, but this time contented.

To know that of the many scribbles I jot
From musings and dreams that I sought,
One had made through to touch a heart
Enough to be called a piece of art.
Yes, I feel beautiful.

Not because of that stunning dress,
Or the eyeliner or that shampooed hair.
Not because of those gorgeous nail colours
Or those fancy shoes.
But because you read my thoughts,
My ideas, and who I am.
Because you listened to what I said,
You heard, and you understood.
Because unlike them,
You saw me.

And you made me feel beautiful.


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