Sunday, 1 October 2017

Kindred Spirits

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"I felt that he was a kindred spirit as soon as ever I saw him."
"You're both queer enough, if that's what you mean by kindred spirits." said Marilla with a sniff.

The twelve year old put down Anne of Green Gables for an occasional brooding.

Kindred spirits. Perfect! It was simply perfect. Ahh bless the soul who coined that term. 'Best friend' sounded so low key, don't you think? You get a few good clicks together with someone and bam you're #BffsForLife. According to the statuses in social networking sites that is. Calling you my best friend simply wouldn't suffice. At all. I thought there wasn't any other choice. Until of course I read Anne of Green Gables and discovered this something that perfectly described what you were to me.

So the next day at school I rush over to you with my new found knowledge, grinning so wide you'd think I'd won the lottery. And you grinned back for absolutely no reason before I said it -

"Hey, you're my kindred spirit!"

And you couldn't've agreed more. Only a year ago you were that round-eyed class leader everybody was scared of and I despised. To me you were a bully who could scare anyone with that glare of yours. But boy was I wrong. Through a mandatory seat shuffle that forced us to sit together, a few months of a third party nuisance we constantly complained over, followed by plenty of spats with certain so called idiots where we took a common stance, us happened.

Cheers to the history of escapades we've been through together. The letters, the secret codes, the advices, the complaints, the confrontations, the troubles, the laughs, and everything else that I cannot name here.  The very fact that I've been grinning like a fool for the past half hour reminiscing over our school days is proof of how much drama we've been through. Yes, drama. I can't think of a better word.

Life has changed. You and I have changed. There's been literally a metamorphosis over the past eight years. Yeah, eight whole years. And you were the only constant through this time. And now here we are staring blankly at adulthood as if it were a stranger interfering in our teens. Which it actually is I presume. Sigh. It's the end of an era.

Happy birthday, my kindred spirit. We've grown up through our teens together. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope to survive this life together as well.


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