Tuesday, 28 April 2015


 Yesterday I made up my mind to wake up everyday at 6 am and study. And today I laugh at the very idea of it. It's not like the idea is far-fetched for I did get up, only to fall asleep on my table an hour later. How many times do we take such decisions with great determination after all? The excitement is often momentary. I'm sure there are plenty who can relate to being lazy bums like this, but mind you...there sure are people out there who do put their ideas into action!

When we're busy doing a lot of things we want free time. When we get free time we get bored. You could have a look at the status updates of a big portion of school students. On the first day of vacations they go "Yaay! Vacationz! " and 5 days later they're like, "Damn bored with the holidays." What's the most they do about it? Log on to all the social networking sites they're in, surf through the posts, maybe post a comment here and there, chat about completely unimportant things until they're bored enough to log out. Then they're bored again and log in.
          Since the time internet has joined in our 'daily essentials' list, we've lost hold of something called 'hobby'. I myself used to read a lot, but not anymore. I keep thinking I don't have time, but I too have fallen victim like the millions of others, who can't make do without a little bit of time-waste before the screen. But of course, internet is not only about social media and youtube videos. We all must have read and written essays in school about the pros and cons of internet enough times to get bored with that too.

 I wonder as I write, if blogging is of any use at all. Who would read these but my near and dear ones who know that I've made a page to pile up all the rubbish I write. Maybe I could call it a hobby. At a time when people are way too busy to read something irrelevant if it extends more than a paragraph, I here, am writing them. Photographs and quotes, short messages and jokes, they're the modern trend. Who would care for long stretches of a nobody's thoughts?

 There is so much going on in each one of our minds every moment! Except when you're in the middle of a meditation, your mind is probably constantly engaged with random thoughts. If you scrutinize your very thoughts, you'll figure out hidden wonders, however small that might be. I once made a small booklet called the 'Constitution of Dash', scripting my own laws related to school. A friend of mine told me that it was nothing but rubbish. Of course it was! But that is what made it enjoyable! I sometimes write philosophies, sometimes imaginary incidents, sometimes nonsense...and sometimes something that I cannot categorize anywhere. But each time, it is only after I put my thoughts into words that I notice that I had such things in mind. What maybe meaningless to the rest of the world, is a 'wow' factor to me, for these thoughts are mine and only mine.

 My mind never ceases to wander. In fact none of ours' do. Each writing brings me closer to myself, as if uncovering another small piece of what's within me. This very fact keeps me going, and if writing itself can help me wander, wander and enjoy, wander and go wow, then what better way could there be to spend time when bored! Well then, Kudos to writing! Goodbye boredom!

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