Friday, 24 April 2015

It's All About Balance!

Man has made the world the way it is today. We have visions of the same world 50 years from now. Machinery inventions keep accelerating, giving us great comfort to sit back in our settee and relax. Would you still say that the balance of nature is further deteriorated? Why don't we see it in a different way? What if the balance does not get disrupted, and it only changes the rate of balance? nature shall set herself right if need be. We humans have the power to make the best of the resources at hand. But we also have the power to destroy it all. The both of them are in form today. The good and the bad are in a balance. it is not possible to change that balance. At times maybe the bad may exceed the good, but it would be purely transient. In the same way, the good may overpower the bad at times. But we shall never cease to struggle. The moment the good stop the better-fication of the world, or the moment the bad stop to worsen the world, the balance gets broken. Such a situation, so to speak, doesn't exist, and it never will.

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