Monday, 27 April 2015

Saturation Point

No matter how hard you try, how determined you are, there is always a saturation point when it comes to exam preps. Its funny how brilliant ideas creep into your mind right when you need your whole attention for studies. And then you make up your mind to work on your brilliant plan once the exams get over with. But when it really does get over, you are too much in a mood for celebration that you suffer from the age old ailment of procrastination. The celebration unexpectedly gets prolonged until you are assigned with another big project that puts you back on a busy schedule. And so, the ideas diminish there. Why is it that there is no saturation point for fun? We forever crave to have light moments, to fall back and laugh our hearts out. We prefer to have the hash-tag 'keep it simple silly!' rather than indulging in complicated affairs of this unpredictable chaotic life.

Realization dawns at the most unexpected instances, the vision seems all hazy and perplexing. Can talents slow down, or is it that their growth is stunted. Can it make you take steps backward? Or could it be a recoil for a giant leap? The more you think you understand your crazy self, the farther you are from reality. Hypocrites, that we all are. This saturation point that we're talking about, is one that increases with every passing experience, for it is only apt to measure our wisdom through experience rather than age. For now, endurance is must, and we must strive to get hold of it.

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