Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Lasting Battle

They cheat, they lie.
They hurt, they kill.
We beg, we cry.
They cease not still.
No happy, no smile;
Them all, they seize.
The evils pile;
And yet, don't cease.
But nor do good
And nor do love,
With humanhood,
They ally dove.
They combat hate.
To rebel, they dare,
Choosing their fate;
To fight, hands bare. 
In them, there lives
A mighty power,
A power that kills
The evil hour.
The power of love,
The power of hope,
That stands above
All doubt and grope.
The power to care,
The power to cry.
A heart to share,
The courage to die.
They live to serve,
To save their kins.
They've got the nerve
To sweep all sins.
In them, there's heart
For every soul.
In them, there's hearth
For the world in whole.
Their hope paves way
To a life anew;
The ills don't stay,
Not even a few.
There's happy, there's smile,
And beauty, no bounds!
No trace of evil pile
No cry of sorrow sounds.

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