Thursday, 2 April 2015

My mind and me

Our minds are a mystery. They are amazingly sharp and vivid at times, yet vague and confusing otherwise. My mind is the same. Right now, it is more of a mess. I write so I can make sense of my thoughts, so I can understand what it's trying to tell me. It's often tricky, and sometimes even hours of pondering gets me nowhere close to understanding. But the conversations with it, I always enjoy...that includes now. I'm presently undergoing teenage transiton, and I have all the worries that any normal teenager would have. My mind hardly prefers to settle down. Song lyrics, worries of future, curses, crushes, study tensions...any one of it constantly engages it. But the unsteady mind that people say we have at this age, is merely part of the fun!
And for now, I am just going to let it wander. And the wows that come along with my wandering mind, I shall express in here. :)

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